Thursday, 23 February 2017

Persona 5 preordered

Just preordered Persona 5 (PS3 version). Looking forward to it. I went with the PS3 version as it's the same as the PS4 version except not as pretty maybe and cheaper. Plus I'm already borrowing a PS3 for other games and don't have space for a PS4.

Barely rained all winter here in Ireland and now it's just coming down. The wind has even blown over the wheelie bin that has rubbish in it. Now I'll have to spend money on a taxi to get anywhere.

Monday, 20 February 2017


So our broadband got switched today. It went from 4 download to 17 download, speedy! And we're saving money! Anyway, I played some more of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, getting closer to the end. I like this game, I like the characters, I like the battle system. Little bit easy though. But I would recommend it. Also played some Persona 4 Golden, getting near the end in that too. This playthough (I've played it before and on the PS2 as well) was rushed through to get things like knowledge and courage maxed out so that next playthrough, I'd have more free time and it's be easier to max out social links. The only trophies I probably won't ever get in this game is the Rise lines trophy and thus the platinum. Oh well. Taking a break from picross as I was playing a lot of Picross e5/e6/e7 at the same time, so much picross, and this was after beating the Zelda picross game too. I love picross just a little too much, me thinks.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

good news bad news

Bad news: there was a problem with getting the new broadband in, will have to get the engineer out again to test a different connection point. Oh well, still have the connection from the other company for a few days. Good news: I had applied for carer's allowance ages ago and just got a letter saying that I got it! It's more than what I'm currently getting.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

changed broadband

So I called up and got my broadband switched to another provider. I'll be going from paying 120 every two months to 78. It's a 12 month contract and I'll save 252. I had another gallbladder attack yesterday. Luckily I had some neurofen plus (the one with codeine in it) and the pain went quickly. It's the first time I've had the pain where I didn't end up going to the hospital. I have a medical card so I wouldn't have to pay anything but I really just don't want to be in hospital.

Monday, 6 February 2017

games I've been playing

Loads and loads of Picross. I love picross. So much fun. I've been playing Picross e5, e6 and e7, and in January I beat the Zelda picross game from My Nintendo. I've also been (re)playing Persona 4 Golden. I played Persona 4 on the PS2 about 2 and a half times, then when I got P4 Golden on the Vita, I beat it with almost all maxed social links and a nearly filled compendium. I then deleted the game from my Vita without realizing that doing so would take my save with it. Bummer. So now I'm just speeding through the text, working on things like diligence and knowledge and I'm only working on a few social links, aeon, jester, justice, hierophant and hermit. Although I'll only get hermit to rank 9, if I'm going to have to fish to max it out, I only want to do it once in a max all social links playthough (I think there's a trophy for that!) Anyway, I'm looking forward to Persona 5 and I hope they release more games in the picross e series.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I've got a massive backlog of games. Among it are seven unbeaten and mostly unplayed Legend of Zelda games. I currently can't play any of my Wii and Wii VC games because of no working wiimote. And I can't play any steam games because I'm saving up for a new laptop. I'm currently playing three Picross games, e5, e6 and e7. It's nice to take a break from RPGs, I just finished Dragon Quest VII in late January. I can't make my mind up on what RPG to play next. Solatorobo, Suikoden, Final Fantasy VII, Tactics Ogre, Breath of Fire 3, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (getting near the end), SMT4, Tales of Hearts R... There's also some non-RPGs, the new Phoenix Wright game Kirby Triple Deluxe, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Yakuza 3. Honestly, where will I find the time to play them all?

what I've been doing lately

I finally got around to ordering a Sky+HD box. Our old box is on the way out and couldn't access sky store to rent movies. And since the new box is free for us, it was just a good idea to get it. I'm also going to be switching our broadband tomorrow, going from paying 121 every two months to 78 every two months. Gotta save the money somewhere. I'm also going to pop into my local bank branch tomorrow to open a savings account. It feels good to be getting these things done.